At Sodexo, we’re committed to providing a work environment where people can bring their whole selves to work – this includes those with visible and invisible disabilities, often a source of untapped talent. Diversity and inclusion is fundamental to our business strategy and a cornerstone of our culture. 

In 2015, Sodexo committed to providing 100% of its workforce with access to programmes for people with disabilities (PwD) by the year 2025. This means that in all countries where Sodexo operates, we will establish measurable initiatives to promote the recruitment, engagement and development of people with disabilities (PWD), within the parameters of local laws and policies.

In Singapore, Sodexo partners with special needs vocational institute Mountbatten Vocational School, providing suitable students with training and job placements. Students may be assigned to Sodexo APAC House’s ASPRETTO, a café committed to sustainable sourcing, to undergo a barista training programme, or to client sites where they are exposed to other functions such as food services.

Unearthing new talents

One of the first students to have experienced Sodexo’s environment firsthand is 19-year-old Ivan Gomez.

Since joining the team in January 2019, the teen with autism has found himself a second home. He works as a part-time catering assistant with the Sodexo food services team at one of the sites we serve, and has since equipped himself with new skills such as café cleaning, food preparations and other operational tasks.

To help ease Ivan into the workflow, he was paired with a work buddy Lanie Malit, the café manager, for three months. Lanie had earlier attended an Introduction to Disability Management course by SG Enable to boost her ability to support Ivan at work. His enjoyment and enthusiasm at work is clear to his co-workers and family.

Says Ivan’s mother, “The team has truly become Ivan’s family, and that is more than anything we would have expected. They have been patient and kind, and are accepting of his disabilities and quirks. We really want to thank the whole company and the wonderful team for your wonderful steps towards realistic inclusion.”

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