Founded by Pierre Bellon in Marseilles, France, in 1966, Sodexo commenced operations in Vietnam in 2011 with our Benefits and Rewards Services, followed by our suite of On-Site Services on 2012. Today, we offer a suite of integrated facilities management services, from food services to soft facilities management and hard facilities management services, to suit each client’s specific needs. Our Benefits and Rewards team designs, manages and provides meal benefit solutions to client employees through our solution, Sodexo Meal Pass. This helps businesses improve the quality of life for their employees and optimise budgets through the use of technology. Serving over 100 million consumers daily around the world, we’re committed not just to the quality of services provided, but also to the highest standards of health, safety and sustainability.  

Drawing on the deep expertise of the Sodexo Group globally and across the Asia Pacific region, we ensure that the very best practices, resources and talent are made available to our clients and consumers. Powered by the latest innovations and technologies, we’re a trusted, valued partner to multinational companies, healthcare providers, schools, universities and even mining and offshore facilities.  

We believe in doing good business in a good way. Sodexo has put in place key sustainability initiatives around reducing waste and eliminating single use plastics; diverse and inclusive hiring practices and policies; and, supporting local small and medium local enterprises and communities through our sourcing and procurement.  

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