Waste is one of our biggest collective  challenges. Tackling it is critical to reducing  greenhouse gas emissions, protecting land and water and improving livelihoods.

An issue close to our heart

When it comes to food waste, we have a particularly vital role to play. A third of food is wasted globally every day. The United Nations aims to cut food waste by 50% by 2030. We are uniquely positioned to help. With a supply chain of over 150,000 enterprises, 425,000 employees and 75 million consumers, there are many ways we can make a difference and revolutionize the way our industry deals with food waste.

Internally, we are committed to reducing food waste and conserving energy and water. So far, 89.7% of Sodexo sites have implemented equipment and processes to reduce organic waste.  And 81.5% of Sodexo sites have done the same for non-organic waste.

We have established a global program, WasteWatch – powered by LeanPath – which helps to identify causes and define action plans to prevent waste. Sites implementing WasteWatch can reduce food waste by 45% in two to six months.

We’re also committed to reducing waste beyond our own operations. So, we’re finding new ways to cut waste in the services we deliver to our clients and focusing on the role we play as a global leader in waste reduction.

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Waste: it's time for some "Out of the box thinking"


Three issues close to our heart

Corporate responsability, hunger


Corporate responsability, gender


Corporate responsability, waste


Nine commitments for a Better Tomorrow

Over the last 50 years, Sodexo has built a business that enhances quality of life. As a global business, we have three different but connected roles in the world: we are an employer, a service provider and a corporate citizen. Our new Better Tomorrow 2025 roadmap is built around 9 commitments to help us continue that journey and exceed our own and others’ expectations in all three of these roles.

7.7 tons of food saved

tons of food saved

As a member of the International Food Waste Coalition (IWFC), Sodexo is helping to reduce the waste created by school meals by supporting the SKOOL program. IFWC project manager Thomas Candeal gives an update on the program launched in January 2016.

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