Sustainable Equipment and Supplies

We will source and promote sustainable equipment and supplies in all countries where we operate.

Sustainable Equipment

Why Does Sodexo Engage?

According to the 2010 WWF Living Planet Report, people used the equivalent of 1.5 planets in 2007 to support our activities, and under the business as usual scenario, by 2030 we will need the capacity of two Earths.

How Does Sodexo Engage?

At Sodexo we are not only the buyers of products, we also use them to deliver our services to our clients and consumers. Our employees have many opportunities to reduce environmental impacts, helping suppliers to reach the market with more sustainable products and our clients to reduce waste in all its forms.

Sodexo is increasing the proportion of sustainable products and equipment it purchases in designated priority categories such as paper disposables, cleaning products and office paper.

More commitments on Sustainable Supply Chain

Supplier Code of Conduct

All of Sodexo’s suppliers are required to pledge to conduct business with the highest ethical, social and environmental practices as defined by our Supplier Code of Conduct.

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Local, Seasonal or Sustainable Products

A strategy for sourcing the five commodities that are the most important for our business and have the highest environmental impacts.

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Sustainable Fish and Seafood

Seafood consumption has doubled over the last 40 years, but fish stocks have not kept pace.

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In Fiscal 2016,


of paper disposables purchased were certified as sustainable.

Sodexo Fiscal Year 2016

Take One!

In 2014 Sodexo launched Take One! a new napkin dispenser that reduced the number of napkins used between 25-55 percent during our initial pilot testing in school services, health care and corporate services.