Personal Growth

Improving Quality of Life can begin by expanding access to knowledge, learning and ultimately, an individual’s future success. Whether taking a class to explore a new subject or mastering an area of expertise, building upon ones skill set creates the opportunity to achieve personal goals. Our services help individuals in a variety of settings – from employees looking to climb the corporate ladder to inmates seeking a new beginning or seniors wanting to keep their minds sharp.

Personal-growth_EN.jpg (Quality of Life Dimension - Personal growth (infographic))

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Studies show that 63 percent of parents are more productive at work while using quality childcare. Sodexo’s passionate childcare teams meet this need by ensuring the best in child development and well-being while also accommodating the schedules of working parents. In addition, our concierge services handle a variety of requests from dry cleaning to booking a company dinner or planning a family vacation. These services save office and hospital employees an average of 2.5 hours for every handled task while helping them remain productive on the job.

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Drawing upon extensive studies on individual perception of Quality of Life combined with 50 years of experience with clients and employees, Sodexo has been able to identify six dimensions of Quality of Life on which our services can have a real and measurable impact.

Icon - QOL Dimension - Ease and Efficiency Icon - QOL Dimension - Health and Wellbeing Icon - QOL Dimension - Personal Growth Icon - QOL Dimension - Physical Environment Icon - QOL Dimension - Recognitino Icon - QOL Dimension - Social Interactions