Mobilization of newbuilds in shipyard

Mobilization of newbuilds in shipyard

Sodexo has mobilized over 65 newly built rigs in the past 3 years, with dedicated teams located in Korean, Chinese, and Singaporean shipyards.

We offer a complete range of services to mobilize your units in construction, modification or inspection in the shortest timeframe. These services apply to all types of offshore installations: rigs, jack-ups, drillships, semi-submersible, vessels, accommodation barges, etc.

Sodexo, leader in mobilization services in shipyards

We make sure your unit is well equipped to accommodate your crew before its journey to the location of operation.

On top of catering, that includes sanitization, procurement of dry goods and drinks and of all items for the living quarters, accommodation preparation and equipment check.

To ensure time efficiency, we provide detailed mobilization planning with key milestones (site audit, premobilization…) and regular reporting. Our crew undergo continuous safety trainings before and during mobilization.

From the yard to the country of operation

We offer your crew a smooth journey at every stage and stop (crew change, fresh food supply…) from the shipyard to the country of destination.

Our global footprint ensures consistency in service delivery for your global fleet.

If you choose to dry tow or heavy lift the rig to location, our mobilization solution can bring significant cost and time savings upon arrival at location.


Improve comfort and ambiance on board

With efficiency@sea, we offer design and consultancy, project management and refurbishment services to upgrade your newbuilt living quarters before arrival of the crew on board.

We also create warmer offshore living quarters with AddMoreSphere. Our solution uses colors and decoration elements to refresh the mess hall, pantry, corridors, gym, leisure room, etc…We believe attractive living quarters will benefit both your crew and the operations.

Focusing on your employees' daily environment and satisfaction

In 2013, Sodexo interviewed 5,635 offshore employees working for 8 of our main clients on 114 units worldwide: 95% found important to enjoy a nice atmosphere in a pleasant environment.

90% found important to be able to relax with colleagues

99%* offshore employees believe quality of living quarters correlates with employee retention

*Answer to a question raised by the International Association of Drilling Contractors: « Do you feel that a quality upgrade of the crew’s living quarters can have a positive impact towards retaining and attracting top talent in the offshore drilling industry? »

More services

Global presence

Our global presence gives us expertise in local legislation and requirements while permitting to maintain consistency of service for your fleet around the world.


Our clients around the world benefit from Sodexo’s network of suppliers, logistics and warehouses, which allows us to cut costs and comply with delivery deadlines.

Our dedicated team coordinates Sodexo operations in Asian shipyards.

Mobilization in shipyards

We promise a smooth journey at every stage and stop.
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Discover our specific services for jack-ups.
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AddMoreSphere improves ambiance on board with decorative solutions compliant with offshore safety standards

What we do for… Seadrill

Seadrill newbuilds in shipyardsSeadrill needed a reliable partner to meet the challenges of their growing global fleet.

"We would not have been able to manage all aspects of mobilization if it wasn’t for Sodexo’s participation." Seadrill