Sustainable Development

True to our mission, Sodexo is committed to improving the Quality of Life of its employees and all those it serves throughout the world and contributing to the economic, social and environmental development of the communities, regions and countries where it operates.

We are committed to 4 key areas of concern: the Supply Chain code of conduct; local, seasonal and sustainably grown products; sustainable fish and seafood; and sustainable equipment and supplies.


Supply Chain Code of Conduct

We will ensure compliance with a Global Sustainable Supply Chain Code of Conduct in all the countries where we operate by 2015. Engaging the Supply Chain is seen as a major step towards a sustainable production system. Supplier Standards signed by suppliers help companies ensure that satisfactory labor and environmental conditions are applied in service provision. Verification by the company itself or by independent third parties ensures the enforcement of the Standards by the supplier.

Local, seasonal or sustainably grown or raised products

We will source local, seasonal or sustainably grown or raised products in all the countries where we operate by 2015. Through this commitment, we confirm our wish to contribute to sustainable agriculture, based on the preservation of natural resources and biodiversity, as well as respect for social justice and economic viability.

Sustainable equipment & supplies

We will source sustainable equipment and supplies in all the countries where we operate by 2020. This process applies to cleaning products, disposables, office equipment and supplies as well as technical maintenance products.

Sustainable fish & seafood

We will source sustainable fish and seafood in all the countries where we operate by 2015. In the last 30 years, the consumption of fish and seafood has tripled. Overfishing could result in the extinction of certain species. It is estimated that 75% of fish reserves in operation today are overfished.



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