Offshore and Marine

Because extended work rotations are extremely demanding for your crew, we deliver Quality of Life services to make their time away from home as comfortable as possible.

We serve thousands of men and women on offshore installations across the world, from the North Sea to the Falkland Islands, from Singapore to the Gulf of Mexico.


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“While operating in Vietnam offshore Vung Tau we had the same excellent service from Sodexo as what we were used to operating in Thailand and Malaysia. The logistics were a big challenge on multiple occasions but it has never compromised the quality of food and/or the service provided from the Sodexo team.”

Danny Vleghert
Ops Superintendent, Atwood Orca



There is probably no work environment as complex as an offshore platform. These unconventional places call for people who are capable of facing the unknown with professionalism, enthusiasm and resilience. Who are they? What do they expect in terms of Quality of Life? That's what this infographic investigates.


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Discover how Sodexo brings Quality of Life to the offshore industry.

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